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Inside The Brotherhood - Episode Five 'A State within a State' - Freemasons Documentary 5/6

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Granada TV Series 1989
Six Episodes by Author Mr. Martin Short


Erin Brockovich Channel

Episode Five Summary

State within a state and The Italian Freemason lodge Propaganda due (P2)

In 1982 an Italian Freemason Roberto Calvi was hanged under Blackfriars Bridge under Freemason ceremonial.

The raid of Freemason Licio Gelli the police found document of a Freemason lodge p2. 980 members. many leading businessmen and industrialist, police chief of the four biggest cities, 43 members of parliament, 51 generals, admirals and head of all secret service and leading bankers like Roberto Calvi. Together they worked as a private government in one of Europe biggest democracy.

In Italy the conflict between Freemason and catholic church started in 1730.

"Inside the P2 lodge we had the top men in all fields of Italy. In the world of politics, in diplomacy, the top men in industry, the press, the law, the civil service. They where all the very best. By joining P2 they wanted peace and tranquility within the lodge so they could all contribute in there own field to the betterment of society." - Licio Gelli former Worshipful master.

They never meet like a ordinary Lodge when they planned to overthrow the government. According to Gelli he wants democracy but historically he was a fascist.

"I felt Freemasonry was the University where one went to learn rules of right and wrong and graduated with a degree of morals, sound principle." - Licio Gelli former Worshipful master.

The main purpose of P2 was to eliminate democracy and to create a state within a state. In 1978 Italy Christian democrat prime minister favored bringing the communist in to the government known as the historical compromise. But he was kidnapped by left wing terrorists. The committee that was created to find him was mainly consist P2 members. The evidence show that P2 had everything to gain by this kidnaping and did not search for him. His tortured body was found three month later.

In 1980 a bomb exploded in a train station and killed 85 people. This was the act of P2. They tried to make it look like it was done by left wing terrorist.

Gelli was convicted to cover the track of the bombing and was sentenced to 10 year but becouse of politics he never will serve the time.

As head of Italy's largest private bank Roberto Calvi was recruited by Gelli. A bank P2 emptied and left with a debt of 1.000million pound. In 1982 the Vatican wanted back 200 million pound.

June 1982 Roberto Calvi was duped to London with secret document where he was murdered.

Grand Lodge recognize P2 as a Freemason Lodge in 1972. This was one of the greatest satisfactions for P2 and himself according to Gelli.

"one of the rules of Freemasonry is not to disclose the name of any other Freemason" - Gelli

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