Inside The Brotherhood - Episode Four 'A Square Deal' - Freemasons Documentary 4

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Inside The Brotherhood - Episode Four 'A Square Deal' - Freemasons Documentary 4/6

May 7, 2022

Granada TV Series 1989
Six Episodes by Author Mr. Martin Short


Erin Brockovich Channel

Episode Four Summary

Freemason morals and charities

In the initiation every Freemason is told this organization is a moral organization.

According to Arthur Edmonds past Master (temple Porchway Lodge) brotherly love, relif and truth have been replaced with envy, hypocrisy and lies.

Freemasonry is more a big mutual insurance found where most charity goes to there own members and family.
Freemason widows and children, Freemason school, Charity for the Freemason old and sick. They have there own hospital the Royal Masonic. For this holy masonic causes they raise and use 16 million pounds every year.

But recently the Freemason use their own public relation that to build a new image. They expose in media where they give to the non-masonic causes.

In reality every 20 pound collected by Freemasons in 1988 19 pound went to Freemason charity and only 1 pound to non-masonic charity. So that means that of the 16million pound 15.2m did go to Freemasons and only 0.8million did go to non-masonic charity.

This is done to fight growing opposition by the Cristian church.

Freemason use there influence to bankrupt a John Watman

Arthur Edmunds is Freemason that thinks Grand lodge ruined his life over a matter of charity.

Freemason Lenard Acklam say a Freemason solicitor fail to show up at court and this cost him 10.000 pound. He thought to sue his fellow brother for negligence. Then a very high ranking Freemason gave him a visit and stated that if he would take action against this solicitor he would lose a lot of friends. He was instructed to forget it.

"i believe that ordinary members of freemasonry general speaking is genuine good. But the higher they get in the ranks the more they seems to change. Become little Hitler's. There are just dictators that tell you what to do and are not listening to a single word. They don't even ask your defense until afterword." - Freemason Arthur Edmonds

"Brotherly love, relief and truth that is Freemasonry and i am afraid we have to many at the top who do not believe in brotherly love, relief and truth. They believe in themselves" - Freemason Leonard Acklam

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