Inside The Brotherhood - Episode Two 'A Firm In A Firm' - Freemasons Documentary

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Inside The Brotherhood - Episode Two 'A Firm In A Firm' - Freemasons Documentary 2/6

May 6, 2022

Granada TV Series 1989
Six Episodes  by Author Mr. Martin Short


Erin Brockovich Channel

Episode Two Summary

A firm within a firm

One of the biggest corruption scandals with the the English police. The Scotland yard network  that was a firm in a firm. In this Episode there is Interviews with Freemason policemen that talk about the corruption.

Freemason and corruption have been a problem for decade. Many allegations involves an outsider that use his freemason bond to a freemason police to drop prosecution for cases like carless driving.

In 1969 the English Times Newspaper was contacted with a small time criminal that was tired of constantly extortion by the police. The reporters tape recorded his next encounter with the corrupt policemen. The police explained how the criminal could buy immunity. The term the police used was that he was a member of a firm within a firm. This later blew up into a major corruption scandal. The police that was talking was Freemason police John Simons. Later the police broke the silence and told the truth after served two years in prison.

Ironically by then Freemason Bill moody that was investigated him was convicted to served 12 years in 1977 with commander ken that for taking large sum of bribes.

What was showed in the "Porn Squad" investigation showed that Moody took 40.000 pound a year. Pornographer David was use to create more corrupt relationships. At least three other of the involved was Freemasons.

This is not the first time. Back in 1877 bribes and corruption was so spread in Scotland Yard that a complete organization was done. Even then Freemasons was involved.

Policeman John Simmonds hade been a Freemason  for 15 years when started in Scotland Yard (Former Head of CID) in 1978. Because of suspected police corruption he did now expose that he was a Freemason even when other police did use the usual secret secret signs, language and contact to see if was a member of the Brotherhood. But later a detective Phil found out that we was one the "square". This police later told him about this crime thinking the oaths of silence  would make the talk confidential. Many Freemason take the craft very seriously like a religion according to Simmonds but John Simmonds acted as a real policemen and taped that 3h talk where detective Phil exposed everything and everyone that was involved in the early bank robberies.

John Simmonds now become a Freemason outcast because he betrayed the craft. Simmonds left the Freemasons because of the gap between Freemasons high principal and they often shady practice.

In 1979 Gibson was installed as a Worshipful Master after 7 years as a known criminal. Soon after he became a Worshipful Master he did a 4 million pound silver robbery and was convicted for 10 years. On his release from prison his lodge welcomed him back. Grand Lodge let him and the other Freemasons that did the robbery stay as Freemasons. Not until later for some reason Grand Lodge change there mind and trough a debate and vote the criminals was finaly was expelled.

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