U.S. Masonic Hidden History: 'Riddles in Stone' (Trailer), Freemasonry and Washi

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U.S. Masonic Hidden History: 'Riddles in Stone' (Trailer), Freemasonry and Washington DC Design

Aug 27, 2021

Involvement of Freemasons in U.S. Revolution and Design of Washington D.C.. Excellent Film Documentary with a Christian Perspective. Trailer Intro. George Washington 'Guiding Force'. Street Map.  2007 Antiquities Research Films.

Editorial Reviews: This video continues our examination of the true history of America's founding. We examine the architecture, the paintings, the sculptures and the street layouts of Washington, D.C. Since so much controversy over the centuries has erupted concerning the role Freemasons have played in the founding of America and of our nation's capitol, we set up a public debate with top-ranking Masonic authorities on the one hand and independent researchers on the other.

Has been nominated for two Film Industry Awards: 1) New York Independent Film Festival
2) Los Angeles Independent Film Festival


Freemasonry Watch - Freemasonry and Washington D.C.'s Street Layout


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