3/3 Documentary on Licio Gelli Grand Master of P2 Freemasons Lodge, Italian TV

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Jul 30, 2021

In March 1981 two Milan magistrates were investigating the fake kidnapping in 1979 of a swindling Sicilian-born international banker, Michele Sindona. They were also probing his role as financial advisor to the Vatican and the Mafia. They discovered that, while he was hiding in Palermo, one of his 'minders' had travelled 600 miles north to Arezzo to visit a textile manufacturer, Licio Gelli. They promptly ordered a search of Gelli's premises. On 17 March finance policemen discovered 962 Italian names on lists kept in his office safe and a suitcase. The names belonged to members of a Masonic Lodge named Propaganda Massonica, also known as P2. Gelli was its Venerable Master.

What astonished the investigators was that the names on the lists amounted to a state within a state. They included forty-three MPs (among them three cabinet ministers), forty-three generals and eight admirals (including the current heads of all the armed forces), security service bosses, hundreds of public servants and diplomats, the police chiefs of Italy's four biggest cities, industrialists and financiers, television stars and twenty-four journalists, including the editor and publisher of Corriere della Sera. Sindona was a member. So was another controversial banker, Roberto Calvi, who would later be found hanging under London's Blackfriars Bridge.

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'St. Peter's Squared - Roberto Calvi and the P2 Masonic Lodge Conspiracy'


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