1/3 Documentary on Licio Gelli Grand Master of P2 Freemasons Lodge, Italian TV

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Jul 30, 2021

Four programmes on state television (RAI) allege that the CIA paid Lucio Gelli to "forment terrorist activities. "In the first programme someone described simply as "Agent Zero" described how Palme (Prime Minister of Sweden Olaf Palme) had been caught in a deal between the CIA and Iran to release American hostages in Tehran. "Palme was a fly in the ointment so we got P2 to rub him out," the agent said. The second programme, which showed the gaunt silhouette of "Agent Zero One", alleged that P2 was not wound up in the mid-1980s, after the arrest of its leader Licio Gelli. "It still exists. It calls itself P7," he said. According to the agent, the lodge is still functioning with branches in Austria, Switzerland and East Germany. "Zero One" has now been revealed by the Italian press to be Dick Brenneke, allegedly a career CIA officer"

Richard Bassett
Times, September 24, 1990

Freemasonry Watch
'St. Peter's Squared - Roberto Calvi and the P2 Masonic Lodge Conspiracy'


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