Scorzayzee: 'Great Britain' (2020) - U.K. Hip Hop, Political Rap Music

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Scorzayzee: 'Great Britain' (2020) -  - U.K. Hip Hop, Political Rap Music

Premiered Jul 20, 2020

1. Great Britain 04:42 lyrics

2. Great Britain 1st Blood & Invisible Orchestra Version 04:29

To celebrate the fall of the House of Windsor, the worlds most notorious crime family, Scorzayzee releases this UK Hip Hop Classic on 12" vinyl for the first time

The track was originally written as a stream of consciousness tempered by the Bush and Blair invasion of Iraq recorded in one take in the early hours of 16th April 2003 by Nottingham's P Brothers.

This is the first track that Zane Lowe played twice in succession in the same show and was subsequently banned from the BBC, reprimanded by parliament and shunned by Buckingham Palace. Now, for the first time, on Scorzayzee's very own boutique imprint; Gotham City, Great Britain, the British Hip Hop classic is available on vinyl and general release with a bag of remixes and alt versions in the pipeline

"A Portrait of a nation torn apart by crime, poverty and political corruption" The Guardian

Great Britain is one of the great British protest songs, in harmony with, and epitomising the early relationship between Hip Hop and Punk, a lineage cemented by British artist Jamie Reid, himself responsible for the iconic Sex Pistols art and imagery of the late 70's, now contributing in kind to the songs statement with vivid artwork placing the monarch in a more realistic light from its media fawning and...  more

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