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Plastic Macca ~ Paul is Dead
Sunday, June 16, 2019
Toe the Line: Faul and Daughter (?) Have 6 Toes

In my book, Plastic Macca, I described how Faul McCartney has the rare condition of polydactyly or 6 toes. This was pointed out to me by researcher, Greg Gentry. (The real Paul had the normal number of 5 toes. See comps HERE).

Today, Tonny Nowhere Man posted to the Plastic Macca Facebook group the following:

On the 14th of June, Lisa put a picture on of Linda, Faul and his so called adopted Daughter, Heather Louise McCartney inside a Tourbus! We made some comments on it here and there -and then after some deep scrutinizing, I suddenly saw something and lightning struck! Well, well, well, what do we have here! It's the little girls foot! I kept on searching and searching and then finally came up with a very rare and remarkable photo! It's true! Heather also has six toes! I've beenasking around -and two out of three Doctors told me that this must be seen as, in this case, a fairly mild version of "The Greig Syndrome!" -and that's a disorder that is determined hereditary! The third Doctor couldn't -or wouldn't say! Now, what does this all mean? First of all, This isn't Paul -and if we hadn't already established that earlier, we do now! And therefor, there was also no adopted Daughter! It's HIS, there's no other way! She was supposed to be the child of Linda Eastman and Joseph Melville See, before Linda married our so called Paul McCartney! Wrong! Linda divorced Joseph in 1965 -and Heather is 56 years old now, so she was born in 1963. Which also means, that this guy, including his Linda, were already "there", even way before biological Paul was replaced! So in any which way, totally "in" on it all! Joseph committed suicide in the year 2000, or that's what they say, but still nowadays, authorities have serious doubt about that, since the circumstances around this so called suicide, are somehow very strange and suspicious, now where did we hear that before eh? Stories go, that The Beatles song Get Back, was about Yoko Ono, but it's actually about this fellow! "Get back home Jo Jo (seph!)". Now is thát a story for the six 'o clock news or what!? Any which way, see for yourself on the picture! Like I already told Tina as well, 'cause I already showed her all this, last night (local time) ..."it's getting weirder and weirder by the minute!"

Tonny asked three doctors about this 6-toed trait, and two maintained that it is most likely an inherited trait. The implication is that Heather is Faul's daughter. Of course, since Linda did not officially meet "Paul" until 1967, any offspring by the couple before that date had to be explained away. I always suspected that Faul and Linda were together prior to Faul's stepping into Paul's life, but now there is strong evidence to support that belief.


Tina Foster is an attorney and the author of

Plastic Macca: The Secret Death and Replacement of Beatle Paul McCartney &

The Splitting Image: Exposing the Secret World of Doubles, Decoys, and Impostor-Replacements

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