'Ukraine General Kazemirovich names Masons, Zionist Oligarchs behind CIA Maidan

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'Ukraine General Kazemirovich names Masons, Zionist Oligarchs behind CIA Maidan Coup' (2014)

Premiered May 1, 2022

'Ukrainian General Kazemirovich names Masons, Zionist Oligarchs behind CIA 2014 Maidan Coup (English)

Wow! Here he is again down filmed by Vice News in Crimea at the time of the 95% pro-russia referendum in 2014 - he picked the right team
The anti-Mafia team https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5ojlOfy6UI&t=0s

Ukrainian General-Colonel Yan Kazemirovich from Kiev reveals CIA agents and Masons in Ukraine. Simferopol, March 7, 2014. English subtitles.
Генерал: "Украину оккупировали Сионисты"

Full original interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5ojlOfy6UI&t=0s

Ukrainian General Reveals the Zionist "Masonic" Control of Ukraine March 2014
To understand what's going on in Ukraine we have to go back to 2013 when the CIA sent US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R) into Ukraine to perform a coup. They removed elected Yanukovych to install Poroshenko. While that was happening Joe Biden's son Hunter was given a seat on the board of directors at a company called Burisma Holdings LTD in which they funneled Ukraine's natural gas to the EU. But it's not just Hunter Biden my good friend and TV Show Guest Bob Fletcher who did much work in front and for for The Senate on Topics like Weather Wars was a key persons in the Iran Contra Drug Wars exposed with Ronald Reagan in Office- Bob then went on to try to Help Sony Bono bring down Clinton and many of the Dems that are still in Office today. So Drugs and the Presidents go wayback. And yeah Trump got the sniffles Coke Adaraheal problem

Igor Kolomoisky, Zelensky and Azov Battalion

March 22, 2022 Hunter Wallace Alt-Center, The Jewish Question, Ukraine, World 22

As I said earlier tonight, we just don't know half of what has been going on in Ukraine.


"Ukrainian politics is full of what can euphemistically be called "colorful characters," and Kolomoisky is one of them. The 1+1 channel was the same that originally aired Volodymyr Zelensky's comedy show Servant of the People, in which he played a Ukrainian President. Kolomoisky was Zelensky's chief backer during his presidential campaign, when the latter ran as the anti-war and anti-corruption candidate.

In 2010, the European Jewish Congress accused Kolomoisky of hostile takeover when the mobster crowned himself its president. To their enormous credit, the organization found a way to push him out in 2011. Three years later, following the Euromaidan overthrow of President Victor Yanukovich, Kolomoisky sided with Ukrainian nationalists against Russia. I can see it from his point of view: In Russia, the oligarchs are subordinate to Putin, but Ukrainian politics are more chaotic and regionalized. There he can be in charge.

Calling himself jidobandera ('jid'is a pejorative for Jew, and Bandera is the name of the World War II-era Ukrainian fascist whose followers slaughtered Jews and Poles, sometimes colluding with the Wehrmacht and sometimes on their own), the oligarch, appointed the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk Region, organized a nationalist militia into the Dnipro Battalion. Amnesty International accused the group of blocking humanitarian aid at one point, and the U.N. implicated them in numerous war crimes. Kolomoisky also assisted in the creation of several other armed factions, including the notorious neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, which has been incorporated into the Ukrainian National Guard. ..."#

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