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Aug 23, 2022

Historians agree that the present-day structure known as the Masonic fraternity, whatever its antecedents may have been, began with the formation of the Grand Lodge of England in the year 1717 . It is not surprising, then, to find that some of the symbolic and mythological elements in Masonic rituals would appear to be of Pagan origin. Examples include ritual circumambulation, which is rooted in Celtic practices centered around belief in sympathetic solar magic. By walking in the direction of the sun, Pagans believed (as many do today) that they could attune themselves to Nature's progress around the wheel of the year. Moderns understand the earth orbits the sun, but ancients contemplated a life-giving orb which "rose" in the east and "set" in the west.

Other striking examples occur in common vocabulary of the of the Masonic fraternity and certain neo-Pagan traditions. For example, the word "cowan," which comes from ancient Scottish language, refers to non-initiates in either instance.

No less than the eminent Masonic historian, Dr. Albert G. Mackey, tells of similarities between Freemasonry and ancient Druidism, which was one of thousands of ancient Pagan traditions. (Hereafter, the word "paleo-Pagan" will be used to distinguish between ancient and modern, or "neo-Pagan," beliefs or systems.) Dr. Mackey tells us:

The doctrine of the Druids were the same as those entertained by Pythagoras... The object of their mystic rites was to communicate those doctrines in symbolic language, and object and a method common alike to Druidism, to the Ancient Mysteries and to Modern Freemasonry.

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