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Inside The Brotherhood - Episode One 'From Kings to Convicts' - Freemasons Documentary 1/6

May 6, 2022

Granada TV Series 1989
Six Episodes  by Author Mr. Martin Short


Erin Brockovich Channel

Episode One Summary

Freemasonry creates an esprit de corps in its members

Most of Freemasons members meet behind closed doors. It is estimated that of 135,000 English policemen it is calculated that 1/6 of them are Freemasons. Could there be a conflict in this?

Critics are worried that there also is so many Freemasonry in powerful institutions.

Freemason John Symonds former detective Sergeant explains that people use Freemasonry to improve their position, promotion and to hide there corruption

The Freemason Ceremonies

Freemasonry interferes in important political event. A parliamentary Lodge.

1 man of every 30 in England and Wales is a Freemason

New policy of openness Freemason bosses filmed themselves in 1988.

Why the secrets started but is it necessary today.

Freemasonry incompatible with Christianity?

There is even Freemason meeting in prison.

Is Freemasons on a higher moral ground?

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