Freemason Gestures in Canada House of Commons

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New Democratic Party (NDP) Member of Parliament Joe Comartin, a self-identified Catholic, makes a Masonic 'Cut Sign' Recognition Gesture (Encoded as 'CS' in Freemason Cipher Books) at the beginning of his statement in the Canadian Parliament on Palliative Care (euphemism).

LONDON, ON, July 7, 2005 ( -- In a letter dated June 6 and distributed to all the priests of his diocese, bishop Ronald Fabbro of London Ontario informed his priests of his decision to suspend the liturgical privileges and public Church activities of Windsor MP Joe Comartin. Bishop Fabbro cited Comartin's public support for same-sex marriage, and the confusion that Comartin's contradictory beliefs may cause his fellow Catholics, as his motivation.

The Ottawa Citizen March 14, 2008 Catholic MPs stand ground on abortion despite threat Catholic members of Parliament insist the possibility of being denied communion by their church won't alter their position on abortion. The Citizen asked nearly three dozen Catholic MPs to respond to the archbishop's remarks. Ten of them -- seven Liberals and three Conservatives -- did so. The rest either didn't respond or refused comment. Among those who refused were New Democrats Charlie Angus, Joe Comartin and Tony Martin.

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